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Although, I’m sure a million other people have said something akin to that as well. Here’s a question no one asked: “is anything actually original?” Whether we admit it or not, all of our thoughts and actions are influenced by something or someone, indirectly or directly.

You see something, hear something, do something, and somewhere in the deep, dark corner of your mind, it finds a place to sit, and sit there it does until you need it again.

The longer that “thing” sits in the corner, the more integrated it is with your brain. And when the time comes for it to come out of hiding, it can’t because it’s a part of you now.

That’s why you should surround yourself with people who will not only lift you higher but will influence positivity and not negativity.

My now husband’s words to me shortly after we got engaged. Except, for me, divorce was an option. Because I had been married before. And that ended in, say it with me: DIVORCE.

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But I got married, again, because that’s what people in love do. Right? Turns out, love shouldn’t be the only reason you get married. Compatibility, companionship and genuinely liking the person you’re stuck with for all of eternity; are better reasons.

Almost six years in, I’ve found myself looking at my husband asking: “Do I even LIKE you?” Love, sure. But like?

Never underestimate the value of…

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I get it. Being a parent to a teenager is harder. They’re in this weird in-between period of being too old for some things and not old enough for others.

So as a parent, you’re going to butt heads. They aren’t sure about who they are, but you’ve been there done that, and they don’t want to listen to you. At all.

It’s a transition for you as well. You’ve seen this little human need you for everything, now start to resent you for it.

Your place in their life hasn’t changed, but they look at you differently now. You…

I don’t know what to do. I’m utterly and completely lost.

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My child doesn’t like me. I’m convinced. It’s not something I’ve done, of course. All I’ve ever done is try to raise her to be a respectable human being. Who cares about others as well as herself, who’s smart, kind, compassionate, and maybe a little bit of a smarty pants.

Oh, I also provide a roof over her head, food on the table, or her dresser, her bed, her floor; clothes on her back, legs, and head, shoes on her feet. A tv in her room, an IPad to draw on, a switch to ignore and let collect dust, and…

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Anyone else’s parents told them this? Imagine my surprise, when as an adult, I learned the opposite. It’s not dangerous at all. According to Mark Messick, MD, a doctor at Duke Primary Care Timberlyne:

The body does supply extra blood to aid in digestion, but not enough blood to keep your arm and leg muscles from properly functioning. Your biggest danger related to eating and swimming is probably a minor cramp.

Huh. Imagine growing up your whole life believing something that turned out to be a LIE. Not too big of a deal. But imagine the impact believing a lie is true has on your life if you let it. I never went swimming after eating; I was afraid to. I love the water. Think of all that missed time. Here’s to the truth. Yours.

Guilt is a weight that will crush you whether you deserve it or not — it’s not always rational or necessary.

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“I don’t want to live with you anymore.”

I watched, crestfallen as those words came out of the mouth of my 13-year-old daughter. Yes sure, she had previously confided in me that she was having trouble accepting the role her stepdad has in her life as of late, but our relationship? It was always good. At least I thought so. We laugh together, (at the same things), we like the same things, we’re not just mother and daughter, we’re friends. Right? Then why would she want to leave me? For her dad? How dare she?

When I’m hurt my knee…

I’m a Teen. I have a messy room. I spend all of my time on my phone. And I Care about One Person: Myself.

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We’re a blended family. And like many other blended families, I’m sure, or any other family for that matter, we have problems. Problems seem a bit problematic, but “issues” are too general and overused for me. The problem is the proper verbiage here. My daughter is the product of my first, marriage which was an EPIC fail. And for a while, it was just the two of us. Then my husband (current) comes along. And things changed. And for a while, things were GREAT. But then sixth grade happened.

I’ve never been a mom of a teenager before. Think about…

The corporate giants reach is getting larger and more invasive than ever.

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You’re Being Watched

Amazon is watching. Yes, the retail, internet, data mining, e-commerce giant has spent years trying to convince you otherwise although they are wiring homes, neighborhoods, offices, entire cities with cameras, microphones, speakers, and other means to invade your privacy. Not to mention they power the nation’s intelligence services. All under the guise of being able to offer you any and everything you need at the literal touch of a button. Or the sound of your voice. According to a new survey conducted by researchers at Georgetown University, Amazon is the second most trusted institution in the U.S. only behind the…

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I’m a mom who’s children and husband are her muses. I love writing about parenthood, relationships, tech, or whatever else I’m curious about.

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